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National and International Rights

Constitution of Ecuador (2008)
(Spanish, PDF—500kb)

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007)
(English, PDF—43kb)

International Labor Organization Convention 169—Indigenous and Tribal Peoples (1989)(English, PDF—37kb)

Indigenous Rights

The collective rights of indigenous peoples are the product of an on-going struggle both within nations and internationally. This struggle responds to the historical failure of governments to ensure the protection of the basic human rights of indigenous peoples. At the same time, it reflects a growing understanding of the unique status of indigenous peoples as self-identified groups who possess collective knowledge, traditions, language, lands, systems of organization, and similar products of their shared history and culture.

The collective rights claimed by indigenous peoples, and now internationally recognized, strengthen indigenous peoples' ability to defend their human rights and help protect their collective heritage from the threats and pressures imposed by the dominant culture.

Las Lianas partners with indigenous nationalities and peoples of Ecuador to win recognition of their collective rights and to exercise these rights. This work is continually evolving in response to the changing legal landscape and the needs and objectives of our indigenous partners. Currently, Las Lianas works in defense of ancestral lands, for the recognition and application of indigenous legal systems, and to help indigenous nationalities exercise their autonomy by establishing in practice the meaning of the constitutional principal that Ecuador is a plurinational state.