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Shuar leader received land title

Fish farmers in Shayari receive fish.

Fish pond in the community of Shayari

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Gifts that Help

These tax deductible gifts support Las Lianas
while honoring friends and family!

Choose one of the gifts below so someone you care about can participate in assisting Amazonian people win title to ancestral lands or helping rainforest families start fish farming. Here’s how it works:

Send your tax-deductible donation and tell us the gift you want, whom it is for, and where to send it (to you or directly to the recipient). We’ll mail an attractive certificate describing the gift and our program, along with any additional items the gift includes. You may send us, with your order, a salutation of up to 25 words which we will add to the certificate. You’ll also get a letter of acknowledgement for the donation. Proceeds from your symbolic gift will fund the greatest need within the corresponding program area (ancestral lands or fish farming).

Land titles

Donate $50 to win title to 500 acres. Make someone proud by helping indigenous people win title to their ancestral lands. Each fifty dollars donated represents 500 acres of indigenous lands titled. Choose the amount appropriate for you. For gifts $250 or more, we'll include a framed 5x7 photo from our work along with the certificate.

Fish and Fish Ponds

Give fish or sponsor a pond in the name of a loved one.

A donation of $35 buys 350 fish. These are young fish a family can raise and begin harvesting in 8 months.

A donation of $50 buys 500 fish. Think of it this way: for just $50, a family of five can eat one or two fish meals each week for an entire year.

A donation of $100 buys 1000 fish. In addition to the certificate described above, we will include a 5x7 color photo from our fish-farming program.

For $500, you can sponsor a fishpond. The donation approximates the material costs, transport, and initial training to help one family build a pond and start fish farming. Along with their certificate, your friend or family member will receive a framed photo symbolizing the present. Later in the year, we will send them a picture with information about one of our beneficiary families.

For other presents, consider the beautiful tropical bird notecards we sell, or perhaps give a hammock (when available) or beaded necklaces from the Amazon.