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A note about
our name

Lianas are the woody vines that are so important to the rainforest. They are the links that tie individual treetops into the canopy ecosystem and they provide food for animals. They are also an important resource for forest peoples, offering food, fibers and a wide range of medicines. We admire these roles and also like the fact that the name works in both English and Spanish, as we do.

About Las Lianas

Las Lianas Resource Center works for environmental preservation, sustainable development, collective rights, and cultural survival, in partnership with indigenous Amazonian peoples. We are guided by a mission that weaves together three complementary goals:

1) Support autonomy of indigenous peoples and other place-identified peoples managing the land democratically and sustainably.

2) Work for environmental preservation locally, regionally, and internationally.

3) Value traditional knowledge and combine it with modern science in innovative technologies appropriate for a sustainable and just world.

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Our structure

Las Lianas is a bi-national organization, incorporated in the U.S. and in Ecuador, with interlocking boards and a shared mission. Las Lianas Resource Center was incorporated in the U.S. in 2003. Our Ecuadorian counterpart, Centro Lianas, was incorporated in 2005.